Chilham Castle


Tessa Wheeler and her husband Stuart along with their three daughters have been the happy occupants of Chilham Castle since 2002.


"Previously, we’d lived in Dane Street House, on the outskirts of the village, but Stuart, who is an extremely sociable character, sometimes grumbled that we didn’t have the space for large house parties. After his spread-betting firm I.G. Index was floated on the Stock Market in 2000, we found ourselves in a position to buy Chilham Castle.


We found the house in a sorry state. There was a huge amount of work that needed doing from roof to cellar.  The completion of the renovation coincided with Stuart’s 70th birthday in January 2005 and we threw a party to celebrate and thank all those involved.


I’m happy to say Stuart’s dream has come true. Most weekends, the house is full of guests from many different strands of society. He loves to mix people up and give them the chance to discuss, argue, eat and drink in a private and relaxed atmosphere.


Two previous owners have printed histories of the house, Records Of Chilham by Thomas Heron in the 18th century and, 200 years later, Chilham Castle 55BC–AD1916 by Charles Hardy.



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