Terms and Conditions for Competitors


In 1616 Sir Dudley Digges built Chilham Castle.  He left money in his Will for a race to be run in memory on his birthday - 19th May.  The wording in his Will reads as follows:


A race run between teams of 'Gentlemen and Maidens of good character

from Chilham and surrounding parishes'


This is our interpretation of that race.


The race is approximately 2.5 miles and will follow a marked course through Chilham Park.  It is designed to be a fun run or walk with some interesting obstacles and competitions along the route with prizes for a variety of categories.


Teams.  Teams are to be a minimum of two or as many as you wish and there is no age limit for competitors.  Teams are to start and finish together.  Individual competitors are not allowed. 


Junior Team.  A Junior Team (whose members are aged 14 years and under) must be supervised by an adult at a ratio of one adult to four children.


Dress.  Teams should have a name and compete in costume but this is optional.


Prizes.  To qualify for the prizes as listed, the whole team must complete the course and all obstacles and competitions. 





Overall Winning Team

£100 cash

Team completing the course and all obstacles and competitions in the fastest time.

Family Team

Bottle of Champagne & £20 in vouchers

Team of two adults and one or more children aged 14 years or under completing the course and all obstacles and competitions in the fastest time.

Best Dressed Team

Bottle of Champagne and / or £20 in vouchers

The best dressed team as judged by the Chief Judge.

Over 60s Team

Bottle of Champagne or £20 in vouchers

Team with all members over the age of 60 years completing the course in the fastest time.

Junior Team

£40 in vouchers

Team with members aged 14 years or under completing the course in the fastest time.

Oldest to complete the course

Bottle of Champagne or £20 in vouchers

The oldest person to complete the course.

Youngest to complete the course

£20 in vouchers

The youngest person to complete the course.

All competitor completing the course will receive a certificate.



Note: To be eligible for the Oldest, Youngest and Junior Team prizes competitors must register their age on the Entry Form and when Booking-In.


Obstacles:  All competitors must use their discretion as to whether or not an obstacle or competition should be attempted, not least when children are involved.  The obstacles selected do however, have children in mind but if you feel any member of your team cannot manage an obstacles or competition it should not be attempted.  If an obstacle or competition is not completed by any member of the team the team will be disqualified from winning a prize but certificates will still be awarded. 


Competitions:  You will be invited to participate in the following competitions:


·         Mystery Competitions (Three Legged Race & Sack Race) – Children are to cover the distance between markers A – B and Adults between markers A – C.


·         Catch a Duck – Each team is to ‘Catch a Duck’ (plastic) and deliver it to the Finish Line.


·         Pat the Crocodile – Each team member is to locate the crocodile and ‘Pat’ him on his ‘Nose’.  A Course Steward will be on hand to record each ‘Pat’ against each competitor!


Entry Form and Booking-In:  All competitors that have entered The Chilham Chase 2018 are to ensure wherever possible that their Entry Form is with the organisers by 21 May 2018 and are also to ‘Book-In’ and Register at the Chilham Chase Information Tent on the day by 12.30  Entry Forms will be accepted on the day.


Running Number Bib:  Competitors will be issued with a Running Number Bib which will display their team name and a unique serial number.  It is to be pinned to the competitor’s front above the waist. (safety pins will be issued with the bib)


Personal Details:  All competitors are strongly advised to enter their personal details on the reverse of the Running Number Bib in the space provided and follow the instructions.


Start.  All competitors are asked to assemble at the Start Point by 12.45 P.M.


Prize Giving.  Prize Giving will be conducted at 3.30 P.M.


Water.  A Water Point will be located at the halfway point.


Limitations.  Competitors enter the Chase at their own risk and should be aware of their limitations and should also be aware of any medical conditions they may have that could restrict them from taking part.  Children below the age of 14 years must be accompanied by an adult who is to be responsible for the safety of the child / children in their charge at all times.  No child below the age of 14 years is to attempt an obstacle unless supervised by an adult.


Medical.  A First Aid Team will be deployed on the course and will be available throughout the duration of the Chase.


Safety Tips for Competitors:


·         Dress appropriately for the weather including good shoes and sun protection.

·         Take advantage of the water point to keep your hydration levels up – but don’t over hydrate.  Your water intake should be governed by thirst.

·         If you get a stitch, stop running or slow down to give your body a chance to recover.

·         Stay alert for potential dangers on the course, this includes uneven ground, crossing obstacles and competing in competitions.

·         Be aware of personal warning signs, such as extreme tiredness and cramp.

·         If you stop sweating, get help immediately.

·         If the First Aid volunteers or Course Stewards are concerned about your wellbeing, listen to them.


All queries should be referred to the Chase Organiser, Stephen Dehnel 07775 965788.